We are now accepting applications from highly motivated students in chemistry, engineering, and art disciplines who are interested in collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects.

The application window will close on March 31st, 2019.


The Summer 2019 CESTA program will run from May 28th to June 22nd


How to Apply:


Before beginning your online application, make sure you have prepared each of the documents listed below.


1. All Applicants should complete the online application form using the 'Students Apply Here' link above.

2. All Applicants should upload the following documents using the 'Students Upload Files Here' link above:


   Chemistry Applicants: Should also upload:


   Sculpture Applicants: Should also upload:


3. All applicants should have two letters of recommendation submitted in support of your application.

     Recommendation letters should be submitted using the 'Letter Writers Upload Letters Here' link above.



Student participants will be expected to:


As a result, the student participants will develop skills to communicate effectively across fields and with the community.


The CESTA 2016 Schedule can be found here if you'd like more detail on the program.